a few words on Jenny.

hello boys+girls. i figure you're here either 'cos you clicked on the wrong link or you actually give a damn about my artwork. for those of you who are here because of the latter, welcome to my little sanctuary at f.s.o.a. i'm currently a freshman in college with plans on pursuing an art or psychology-related major. art & design have always been my passion and i try to apply aesthetics to things that one would normally consider absurd, out of the ordinary, or even a waste of time (i.e. making a collage on my platform sandals). that's the beauty of this fine thing we call "art"--having the freedom and independence to create anything you damn well please. in addition, there will always be someone who thinks you're a super friggin' genius for something that you think looks like crap. anyway, i've been creating and designing things for as long as i can remember. my initial focus was aimed towards 2D art, but as the years progressed, my main focus shifted towards 3D art, compounded with 2D work. i try to get my hands on all sorts of mediums and techniques, including clay, charcoal, acrylic, watercolour, collage, graphic design, drawing, calligraphy, oil pastels, and the list continues. on the following pages, i've tried to fit in a variety of samples i've done in the past. the artwork on the forthcoming pages are only a glimpse of what i do. due to technological barriers, i don't have any of my 3D creations displayed. i'm sorreeeeee. thanks for stopping by and i hope i've done something to contribute to your inspiration...

!i can't stop the ringing in my ears!

raiNer mAria*beN leE*spLashDowN*thrOwing mUses*maRy
lou Lord*FroGponD*
leSs thaN jaKe*jeFf buCklEy*jAne sIbeRry*dAr
wiLliaMs*sarGe*cLarA pOnty*
vErY seCretarY*ceReDwen*tOri Amos*elLiotT
smiTh*tRickY*liSa HunTer*
eliZabeTh schaeFer*kRisteN herSh*rAdioHead*tHat
dOg*hePcaT*sUddeNly taMmy
*edDi readEr*veloCity gIrl*americAn fOotbAll*thE geT
up KidS*bRaiD*
ani DifRanco*paTty GrifFin*ciBo maTto*pRomiSe
rInG*pAriS, tX*aLkaliNe tRio*

--i like him & her--

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