These are my tapes for trade.

I just started trading shows again after taking a break for a few years. I am trying to build a collection again, and I have a few things that you may be interested in. I am willing to trade, just e-mail me beforehand with your showlist, and I'll check it out. I prefer TDK high bias (type II) or maxell XLII tapes and I am willing to honor your requests. The picture on the right was taken by Madflowr, 18 july 1998. Thanks, Dany.

Belle & Sebastian

radio one session 12 Feb 1996 judy and the dream of horses/like dylan in the movies/the state i am in/stars of track and field

bbc demos 30 july 1997 pocketbook angel/london has let me down again

28 Oct 1998 (Athens, GA) is it wicked not to care?/simple things/a century of elvis/lord anthony/mayfly/the boy with the arab strap/ease your feet into the sea/lazy line painter jane/photo jenny/seymour stein/beautiful/belle and sebastian/paperboat/dirty dream number two


23 Apr 1999 (First Unitarian Church Philadelphia, PA) first day back/?/please drive faster/forever got shorter/killing a camera/never will come for us/?/ariel/breathe in/circus of the stars/divers/a doxen roses/milwaukee sky rocket

Built to Spill

01 Aug 1995 (Walnut Hills Raleigh, NC) in the morning. get a life. built-to-spill. terrible/perfect. big dipper. twin falls/some. three years ago today. nowhere nothin' fuckup. car. revolution.

Dismemberment Plan

31 may 1997 (HFStival Washington DC) tonight we mean it/what do you want me to say?/that's when the party started/the ice of boston/one too many blows to the head/just like you/the city

08 Oct 1998 (Ice of Bsoton release party DCCD Washington DC) track listing soon



Get Up Kids

29 May 1998 (Metro Chicago, IL) second place/i'm a loner dottie, a rebel/no love/ten minutes/coming clean/newfound interest in massachusetts/last place you look/off the wagon/woodson/don't hate me

Modest Mouse

21 Nov 1998 (Dallas, TX) stars are projectors/trucker's atlas/polar opposites/cowboy dan/doin' the cockroach/custom concern/dramarine/tundra desert

Sunny Day Real Estate

29 Sept 1998 (9.30 Club Washington DC) in circles/pillars/guitar & video games/the shark's own private fuck/100 million/the blankets were the stairs/every shining time you arrive/the prophet/how it feels to be something on/rodeo jones/j'nuh/roses in water/days were golden

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