roadtrip y2k.

Earlier in the spring, Dan had plans to embark on his second cross-country roadtrip, and with my intentions to take an internship in DC for the summer, I had no plans of accompanying him. After the internship fell through, I decided to stay in Philly for the summer and that left me with time to go with him on the trip. It was definitely an eye-opening experience, which I have documented in my journals and with pictures. The pictures will not be up until next month, but hopefully you will be able to paint your own visuals with the journals. I didn't write as much as I wanted to, but I did get most of the important stuff down. After I post all of the stuff from the road, I am going to add a post-trip reflection and some other trip-oriented writings.

Thanks for reading and check back often--I will add more entries every day.


05.16.00: pa to il.
05.17.00: lake forest and chicago, il.
05.19.00: thoughts on illinois and south dakota.
05.20.00: south dakota.
05.21.00: south dakota to wyoming.
05.22.00: nevada.
05.24.00: nevada to california.

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