mix tapes are boring.

Mix tapes are a fun thing that my friends and I like to do. We also like to trade them to. Especially with you. So e-mail us if you are interested.

Dany's tapes.


"FSOA! April 1999 Mix tape club"
1. belle & sebastian/sleep the clock around
2. liz phair/polyester bride
3. lifetime/irony is for suckers
4. the promise ring/b is for bethlehem
5. the sugarcubes/motorcrash
6. pizzicato five/happy sad
7. air/jeanne
8. belly/gepetto
9. that dog/long island
10. the verve/lucky man
11. fountains of wayne/denise
12. the cardigans/rise & shine
13. sonic youth/skip tracer
14. saint etienne/sylvie
15. holiday/sherman
16. stereolab/spark plug
17. superchunk/skip steps 1 & 3
18. manic street preachers/my little empire
19. ben lee/ship my body home
20. weston/in april sometime
21. david bowie/ziggy stardust
22. echobelly/here comes the big rush
23. ben folds five/the last polka
24. bjork/so broken

May 1999 FSOA! mix

sarge/time after time
lauryn hill/to zion
braid/killing a camera
blur/coffe & tv
wolfie/on loan to satellite
gentle waves/evensong
jackson 5/i want you back
space with cerys matthews/the ballad of tom jones
beth orton/couldn't cause harm
sleater-kinney/get up
saint etienne/we're in the city

cibo matto/spoon
morcheeba/crystal blue persuasion
boo radleys/heaven's at the bottom of this glass
the rentals/getting by
floraline/i should say
ben folds five/army
the supremes/reflections
tobin sprout/and so on
sloan/everything you've done wrong
stereolab/one small step
the promise ring/e. texas ave.

"songs that remind me of..."
sideone: jackson 5/abc
chemical brothers/chemical beats
ivy/these are the things about you
belle & sebastian/simple things
promise ring/red & blue jeans
supremes/come see about me
luscious jackson/electric
saint etienne/hug my soul
cibo matto/moonchild
kahimi karie/zoom up!
supremes/my world is empty without you

sidetwo: saint etienne/the bad photographer
wolfie/you're lucky i'm skinny
robbie williams/she's the one
belle & sebastian/me & the major
sonic youth/sugar kane
stereolab/miss modular
lotion/la boost
that dog/never say never
pernice brothers/clear spot

June 1999 FSOA! mix
side one:
modest mouse/breakthrough
manic street preachers/prologue to history
ivy/you don't know anything
lilys/dimes make dollars
stereophonics/raymond's shop
saint etienne/like a motorway (chemical brothers mix)
beulah/if we can land on the moon, surely i can win your heart
the cardigans/explode (remix)
sonic youth/she is not alone
travis/she's so strange
joan of arc/when the parish school dismisses and the children running sing

robbie williams/no regrets
suede/implement yeah
medeski martin and wood/sugar craft
ultrasound/fame thing
superchunk/animated airplanes over germany
cast/burn the light
black-eyed peas/que dices
pavement/major leagues
cibo matto/sci-fi wasabi
moped/making enemies
the supremes/someday we'll be together

FSOA6: end of summer mix
sideone: fountains of wayne/utopia parkway
ben lee/birthday song
texas is the reason/nickel wound
yo la tengo/sugarcube
macy gray/do something
satge/time after time
blur/trimm traub
moped/tom waits for no one
mid carson july/wound up down south
spain/nobody has to know
joan of arc/a name
sidetwo:blondie/the tide is high
luscious jackson/electric
jimmy eat world/world is static
superchunk/pink clouds
fugazi/floating boy
get up kids/fall semester
cibo matto/moon child
suddenly, tammy!/funky
jack drag/seems so tired
burning airlines/scissoring
sleater-kinney/a quarter to three

FSOA7:september 99 mix
sideone:stereophonics/roll up & shine
fatboy slim/right here, right now
burning airlines/wheaton calling
mos def/speed law
pormise ring/happy hour
the who/i can't explain
mu-ziq/carpet muncher
get up kids/forgive & forget
rainer maria/planetary
air/le soleil est pres de moi
sidetwo:dismemberment plan/ice of boston
geri halliwell/bag it up
mid carson july/make yourself a medal
basement jaxx/red alert
tricky/for real
mountain goats/cubs in five
flaming lips/a spoonful weighs a ton
midiron blast shaft/sex & metal
fountains of wayne/troubled times
karl hendricks trio/nogales by tuesday
sleater-kinney/don't talk like

Rebecca's mixes.


"the perfect mix"
st. etienne - woodcabin
the police - every little thing she does in magic
morcheeba - over and over
tuscadero - mt pleasant
weezer - the good life
the supremes - come see about me
stereolab - miss modular
the smiths - panic
bjork - i miss you (hip hop remix)
the la's - there she goes
the cardigans - erase/rewind
belle and sebastian - get me away from here im dying
cibo matto - candyman

elliot smith - baby britain
siouxsie and the banshees - kiss them for me
the promise ring - a picture postcard
the sundays - cant be sure
wolfie - mockhouse
tori amos - space dog
the lemonheads - dawn cant decide
luscious jackson - under your skin
komeda - party
sarge - fast girls
echobelly - four letter word
kahimi karie - good morning world

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