2002 shows.

It's April, and I've finally gotten around to do doing this show listing again. I doubt if you'll see any reviews, but don't be surprised!


Jan. 3rd 2002: 27/Sparrow/CEX/Denali (First Unitarian Church Philadelphia, PA)
Jan. 26th 2002: This Radiant Boy (The Fire Philadelphia, PA)
Feb. 2nd 2002: Blue Collar PA/Hot Rod Circuit (Owl Cove Philadelphia, PA)
Feb. 15th 2002: Azure Ray/The Good Life (First Unitarian Church Philadelphia, PA)
Feb. 17th 2002: Yeah Yeah Yeahs/Arab on Radar/Milemarker (First Unitarian Church Philadelphia, PA)
Feb. 22nd 2002: A Year to Forget/Dr. Dog (Sykes Ballroom West Chester, PA)
Feb. 24th 2002: Breaking Pangaea/This Day Forward/Piebald/Thursday (Rex's West Chester, PA)
Mar. 1st 2002: The Assistant (Pi Lam Philadelphia, PA)
Mar. 2nd 2002: The Tell Tale Heart/Del Cielo/Super Chinchilla Rescue Mission/Alison Ranger (Alison Ranger House West Chester, PA)
Mar. 3rd 2002: Small Brown Bike/Piebald/Saves the Day (Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA)
Mar. 7th 2002: The Hate Holiday/Breaking Pangaea/Pretty Girls Make Graves/Small Brown Bike (First Unitarian Church Philadelphia, PA)
Mar. 16th 2002: The University (Fennario West Chester, PA)
Apr. 5th 2002: Dame Fate/Fin Fang Foom/Bats and Mice/Denali/the Rah Bras/Q and Not U (MACRock: PC Ballroom James Madison University Harrisonburg, VA)
Apr. 6th 2002: Coheed and Cambria-Main St. Bar and Grill, The Cassettes-PC Ballroom, The Rocking Horse Winner-Court Square Theater, The Party of Helicopters/Aloha-20 N. Main, Eulcid/Trial By Fire-Godwin Gymnasium, Joshua Fit For Battle-The Space, Rainer Maria-20 N. Main, Fuagzi-Godwin Gymnasium (MACRock: James Madison University Harrisonburg, VA)
Apr. 12th 2002: Dawn Undercover/Left Behind (West Chester Community Center West Chester, PA)
Apr. 12th 2002: Brother June (Fennario West Chester, PA)
May 3rd 2002: Apparatus Engine/Alison Ranger/Breaking Pangea/Coheed and Cambria (Kennett VFW Kennett Square, PA)
May 18th 2002: Dawn Undercover/A Year to Forget/Dead Letter Dept/Left Behind (Sachi's House Newark, DE)
May 23rd 2002: LaGuardia/Certainly Sir/The Promise Ring (TLA Philadelphia, PA)
June 4th 2002: Alison Ranger/Missing Pilots/Storm the Tower/A Year to Forget (Alison Ranger House West Chester, PA)
June 16th 2002: Pikadori/Black Eyes (86 Louis St New Brunswick, NJ)
June 21st 2002: Heroes=Shit/The Blood Brothers (First Unitarian Church Philadelphia, PA)
June 26th 2002: Alison Ranger/??? (Alison Ranger House West Chester, PA)
July 23rd 2002: Sparta/Dashboard Confessional/Weezer (PNC Bank Arts Center Holmdel, NJ)
July 30th 2002: Busta Ryhmes/David Bowie/Moby (Tweeter Center Camden, NJ)
Sept. 21st 2002: The Bruces/Bright Eyes (Trocadero Philadelphia, PA)
Sept. 27th 2002: Quarali/John Vanderslice/Dismemberment Plan (TLA Philadelphia, PA)
Oct. 19th 2002: The Quails/Sleater-Kinney (Trocadero Philadelphia, PA)
Oct. 26th 2002: Stella-members of "The State" (North Star Bar Philadelphia, PA)
*CMJ shows--to be added*
Nov. 2nd 2002: Foo Fighters (Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA)

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